Seele is powered by anti-asic MPoW algorithm and Seele Sharding Technology for high throughput concurrency with 2000 TPS in the Seele main-net currently as a starting point and highly scalable as demand increases. Seele is fully EVM smart contract compatible. Subchain capability is coming soon!

Seele is the next generation public blockchain infrastructure project having been online since 03/31/2019. Our goal is to create a secure, high performance and scalable blockchain.

MPoW (Matrix-Proof-of-Work), an innovative PoW consensus algorithm developed by SeeleTech and implemented in Seele’s main-net. Compared to conventional PoW consensus algorithm, MPoW requires miners to compute the determinants of sub-matrices from a matrix constructed with n hashes other than brute-force-hashing using a hash function to find the target. It consists of several steps which can efficiently prevents ASIC and GPU from dominating the network.