Seele Foundation token swap update


The Seele Foundation is working closely with Huobi Exchange and Coinex Exchange on swapping the Seele ERC20 tokens and is currently in discussing the swapping schedule. The Seele ERC20 token swapping is a meticulous work, and it is inseparable from the technical support from the Seele main network. Please pay attention to the Seele Foundation announcement, all matters are subject to the Seele Foundation announcement.

At the same time, we've also noticed that there are some Seele enthusiasts who are actively participating in the development of Seele in various ways. The Seele Foundation welcomes the enthusiastic support of Seele. At the same time, users are strictly responsible for the risks associated with the unofficial swapping, Seele is not responsible for any of such a swapping.

Seele Foundation
October 17, 2019