Description of Seele token and Seele coin mapping


The mapping of Seele tokens will be carried out by the designated exchanges or wallets. Based on the total circulation, the main network will reserve 700 million Seele coins and write them into the genesis block for token mapping with a mapping ratio of 1:1.

Seele token supports long-term mapping. After main-net is online, Seele token contract will still be valid, and user could transfer the Seele tokens. When the mapping is completed, Seele tokens will be destroyed immediately.

Currently, we are in negotiation with exchanges and wallets regarding the mapping. Seele coins (not the ERC-20 token) will be open for trading after an arrangement is made with the exchanges, the specific opening hours will be announced separately.

After the Seele main net is online, miners could participate in mining and receive Seele coins as reward. Users could use the Seele wallet to view account balances and make transactions.